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Details for: Blitz

Location: London UK

Historical Data:

In an attempt to force a breakthrough in the “Battle of Britain” and in retaliation for R.A.F. raids on German cities, Hitler ordered the Luftwaffe to shift the main emphasis of his air offensive to London.  The aim was to assist in disabling London’s economic capacity and significantly to undermine civilian morale.  The air war on London began on September 7, 1940.  It was the beginning of the “Blitz”.  Islington and Finsbury suffered consistently from enemy bombing throughout the war. Moonlit nights allowed specific targets to be attacked.  During moonless nights London was one big target area.  Anywhere was liable to “get a packet”.  From June 1944,  V-weapons brought destruction to Islington and Finsbury.



328 people are listed as dead in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission roll of honour for Finsbury.

Of the 1939 numbers of houses and flats in Finsbury over 1000 were completely destroyed, another 8,003 suffered varying degrees of damage.  This left more than11% of the population of Finsbury needing re accommodation due to war damage.  For these people prefabricated houses were erected in various parts of the borough, for instance, King’s Square, Gee Street, Hermes Street and Ironmonger Street.


958 people were killed in Islington as a result of enemy action according to contemporary official reports.  Another 2090 were seriously injured.

 An estimated 3,097 houses were destroyed beyond repair. 1,253 seriously damaged and 36,877 damaged but could be occupied.  In addition damage was reported to 144 churches, 74 schools, 518 factories and 298 pubs.




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