How it works

This Online Book of Remembrance contains the names and records for over 13,000 people who have died as a direct result of warfare abroad or in the Borough of Islington since 1899. These records have been compiled from a number of sources (see link on the left) and are presented here in a manner that allows you to search by a number of criteria.

The simplest search that we recommend is by typing into the search box a name - such as a surname (e.g. 'Swaffer'), street name (e.g. 'Tollington') or incident name (e.g. 'Annette' for the Annette Crescent shelter incident) - selecting the type of name from the list beneath the search box and then click on 'search'. The results give you every record in the Islington Online Book of Remembrance that contains that name. Names of ships or aircraft can also be searched, such as 'Lancaster' or 'Halifax'.

As you carry out your searches the toolbar on the right records them, enabling you to return to individual records or searches.

It is important to emphasise that the records we present here are those which we know to exist. If you have any additional information please share it with us. Use the 'contact us' link on the left of the page. We are particularly interested in any photographs you might have in your possession of the people themselves in this Online Book of Remembrance.

It is also possible to leave a tribute to an individual in the Book of Remebrance. Use the 'Pay your Tribute' link on a deceased folder page. Tributes will be moderated by Local History Centre staff.