About this project

The creation of a new war memorial on Islington Green involved consideration about how specific individuals could be remembered in the Borough. It was originally felt that 'The names of the fallen shall be inscribed on the meorial...' but, quite simply, the names themselves and their total was not known. The very fact that a list might be dynamic with new names appearing ferquently as research and public feedback progressed suggested that an inscribed memorial would be inappropriate - it would never be up to date. A digital Book of Remembrance was therefore selected as the preferred option, which would allow the inclusion of biographical information about each person rather than just a solemn list of names. It could also be updated as new information became available.

This project set about researching and compiling, as comprehensively as possible, a list of the names of the 'fallen' with Islington connections. This includes those who were born in the Borough, those born and living in the Borough at the time of their deaths as well as those born elsewhere but were recorded as living here at the time of their deaths. This has, of course, been a complex task and there are likely to be many ommissions - but over 12,900 names have now been collected of former Islingtonians who lost their lives as a result of war operations at home, overseas on land, in the air and on sea from the Boer War of 1899-1902 to the present day. The emphasis is on the two world wars - many records for more recent conflicts are currently restricted to relatives of the deceased only. However, some casualties post-dating 1945 have been located.

The project has been funded by the Islington Borough Council as part of the Islington Green Memorial Project. The data and incident detail has been compiled by John Shepherd. The project has been managed by the Borough's Heritage Services department (Cheryl Smith, Manager), and the data is managed by Local History Library staff. For any comments, queries or additions please use the 'Contact us' link on the left. We have tried to ensure that this Book of Remembrance is as complete as possible but we acknowledge that there will be the possibility that names unknown to us have been omitted. We welcome any new information and additions to the information we have already collected.