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The text below gives a summary of the conflict (i.e. war), event or incident that resulted in deaths in the Borough or abroad. On the right are listed the individual events and incidents, such as battles or air raids. For each conflict the total number of casualties are given, whereas for each event or incident the names of those who died are listed in alphabetical order.

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Details for: Sinking of H.M.S. Aboukir


Historical Data:
H.M.S. Aboukir was a Cressy Class cruiser that had become obsolete by the time of the First World War. However, she was used for duties in the North Sea along with two other elderly cruisers, the Cressy and the Hogue. On 22 September 1914, the three ships were returnign to port in line when the Aboukir was hit by a torpedo fired by U-9, commanded by Lieutenant Otto Weddingen. The Aboukir broke her back and sank in 20 minutes with the loss of 527 men. The Cressy and Hogue, believing the Aboukir had struck a mine, returned ot pick up survivors. At this point, Weddingen fired two torpedos into the Hogue, casuing her too to sink. The captain of the Cressy, now realising that they were under attack, tried to escape but she too was struck by torpedos and sank. U-9 left the area before the AHrwich force of Light Cruisers and destroyers arrived. 837 men from the three ships were rescued, but 1459 lost their lives.


1 person killed