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The text below gives a summary of the conflict (i.e. war), event or incident that resulted in deaths in the Borough or abroad. On the right are listed the individual events and incidents, such as battles or air raids. For each conflict the total number of casualties are given, whereas for each event or incident the names of those who died are listed in alphabetical order.

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Details for: Sinking of H.M.S Hermes


Historical Data:
H.M.S Hermes was a Highflyer class cruiser. On 30 October 1914 she delivered a load of seaplanes at Dunkirk. The netx morning she set sail on her return journey but was recalled because of reports of U-Boats in the area. Before responding, however, she was torpedoed by U-27 off Rylingen Bank in the Straits of Dover. She sank with the loss of 22 of her crew.


1 person killed