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The media link is only visible if there is something to view. The majority of civilians who died in the Borough have associated images of the incident (from the collections of the Islington Local History Centre), taken in 1940 or 1941. Some modern (2010) views of the incident area, taken from the same direction as those 70 years ago, are also included (photographs by John Shepherd).

Blitz victim
A detail from the London County Council Bomb Damage map series (reproduced with permission from the London Metropolitan Archive) is also included for those killed in Islington in WW2 where an incident address is known. These are colour-coded, with light damage (shattered windows/fallen plaster) shown in yellow through to total destruction shown in black.
Current record for: Kate Edden
Deceased Folder  Deceased Folder
Name Kate Edden
Born in Not Known
Resident of Not Known
Died 16/09/1940
Age 67

Cause of Death Concussion, fractured jaw, legs severed. Arrived at mortuary without left hand.

Cemetery or memorial Islington Cemetery and Crematorium
Grave or panel reference 14846P Z20

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World War 2
Air raids on Monday 16th September 1940

Relative(s)      Relative(s)
  • Edden, Husband
  • Edden (Mr), Son
    18, Florence Street, N1
  • F A Edden, Son
    18, Florence
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LCC bomb-damage map showing area of incident