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The text below gives a summary of the conflict (i.e. war), event or incident that resulted in deaths in the Borough or abroad. On the right are listed the individual events and incidents, such as battles or air raids. For each conflict the total number of casualties are given, whereas for each event or incident the names of those who died are listed in alphabetical order.

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Details for: Sinking of H.M.S. Hood


Historical Data:
H.M.S. Hood was the last Battlecruiser of the Royal Navy. In May 1941, the German battleship Bismark sailed for the Atlantic. The Hood and the Prince of Wales were sent in pursuit. On 24 May she engaged the Bismark and her escort, the Prinz Eugen. At 06.00 she was manouevering to fire with her rear turrets when shells from a salvo from teh Bismark struck her. A huge jet of flame burst up from the Hood in the vicinity fo the mainmast and she then exploded. This caused her back to break and she sank in only three minutes. Only three men from her 1,418 crew surviived.


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