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Details for: Convoy HG-73 and the sinking of the SS Avoceta


Historical Data:
SS Avoceta was a 3,442 ton passenger/cargo vessel built at Dundee, Scotland in 1923, for the Yeoward Cruise Line. The Avoceta operated the Liverpool, Casablanca, Lisbon and Canary Islands route with passengers and fruit cargoes. On her homeward run to the United Kingdom in September, 1941, carrying 88 passengers and 469 tons of general cargo, she joined the twenty-five ship Convoy HG-73 at Gibraltar. When the convoy was attacked by the U-203 (Mutzelburg) north of the Azores on the 25th September the Avoceta was hit and sank taking the lives of 123 souls (43 crewmembers, 4 gunners and 76 passengers.) Rescued by HMS Periwinkle were her master, Captain H. Martin, 19 crew, 7 naval personnel and 12 passengers. and taken to Milford Haven. Three others were picked up by the British ship Cervantes.


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