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Details for: Sinking of SS Chulmleigh


Historical Data:
Cargo ship SS Chulmleigh, (5,445 tons; W.J. Tatem Ltd)sailed from Philidephia to Archangel with a cargo of government stores. On 5th November 1942, the unescorted Chulmleigh was bombed and damaged by a German Ju-88 aircraft of II./KG 30 (based at Banak, North Cape) and beached at South Cape, Spitzbergen. At 15.58 hours on 6th November, U-625 torpedoed the stranded Chulmleigh and shelled her using her deck gun. Later the wreck was again bombed by a lone German Ju-88. The Captain, D.N. Williams, surviving crew and Defensilvely Equipped Merchant Ship gunners landed on an isolated part of Spitzbergen and were not rescued until 4th January 1943 by troops from the local garrison at Barentsburg. By then many of the survivors had died from frostbite. The remaining survivors eventually boarded the British cruisers HMS Bermuda and HMS Cumberland and landed at Thurso on 16th May 1943. The Chulmleigh was just one of many ships sailing independently and unescorted as part of Operation FB to get supplies to Russia. The ships officers were given a £100 bonus and the crew £50 in advance as the operation was given such a high risk, which showed later as less than 50% of Operation FB got through (One British Merchant Seaman stated the FB stood for "Foolish Bastard" for volunteering)


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