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Details for: Battle of Paardeberg


Historical Data:
From the 18th to 27th February, 1900, a British force of 15,000 under the command of Field Marshall Roberts engaged a Boer force of 7,000 commanded by Gen. Cronjé near Paardeberg Drift on the banks of the Modderriver near Kimberley. Having relieved Kimberley on the 15th February, Roberts had effectively cut Cronjé off from the Orange Free State. Cronjé set off for Bloemfontein but at the Modder River at Paaderberg they were engaged by British forces. Frontal assaults by Kitchener proved costly to the British - 320 dead and 942 wounded being the worst casualty figure for any single day in the Boer War - and so a siege was put in place. This lasted for eight days, bombarding the Boer camp from all sides. On 27 February Cronjé surrendered his force of 4,000 men. This was the first significant British battlefield victory of the war.


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