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Details for: Battle of Magersfontein


Historical Data:
Between 10 December and 17 December 1899, known as "Black Week" the British suffered three major defeats - at Stormberg, Colenso and Magersfontein. On 11 December, a 15,000 strong force under the command of Gen. Methuen approached the high ground of Magersfontein, defended by 8,500 Boer. The British had already had a couple of relatively easy successes on their advance and hoped to capitalise on this success. The Boer had positioned themselves in trenches at the base of the high ground and were able to surprise a force of highlanders advancing in close formation. At close range the British did not stand a chance - they were cut down and fled. A second asault resulted in flight. The British suffered 205 dead, 690 wounded and 76 missing or captured, the majority in the Highland Brigade. The Boer lost about 250 men.


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1 person killed