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Details for: Battle of Boschbult


Historical Data:
The Battle of Boschbult took place on 31 March 1902 during the Boer War. A division of Kitchener's forces under Col. Cookson made contact with Boer forces at the farm of Bospan. The Boer, commanded by Gen. Liebenberg, were taken by surprise but rallied around the farm of Boschbult. Severe cannon and gunfire halted the British advance. A series of misunderstandings took place - Boer commanders failed to work together to oust the British from farm buildings and Kitchener believed Cookson to be defeated and failed to move swiftly to his aid. On the morning of 1 April Kitchener arrived to find that Cookson still held the field and that the Boer had withdrawn. The Boer sustained 40 killed or wounded, the British 178.


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2 People killed