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The text below gives a summary of the conflict (i.e. war), event or incident that resulted in deaths in the Borough or abroad. On the right are listed the individual events and incidents, such as battles or air raids. For each conflict the total number of casualties are given, whereas for each event or incident the names of those who died are listed in alphabetical order.

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Details for: Air raids on Tuesday 15th October 1940


Historical Data:
Tuesday 15th October 1940. This was a particularly bad day in Finsbury and Islington. During the day some attempts were made by enemy aircraft to penetrate London, but most were foiled over Kent. There was intense bombing, however, throughout the night in London and Birmingham. Flying conditions were good at full moon. Over 300 enemy aircraft were employed, 200 against London. A 24in culvert was shattered at Edmonton, which deprived large areas of north London of water for over 24 hours. Dame Alice Owen’s School shelter (Finsbury) was hit this night with the loss of 109 of the 143 who were taking shelter. Barnsbury Road, Boothby Road, Bredgar Road, Britannia Row near Essex Road, Eden Grove and Eden Grove Shelter, Packington Street, Palmer Place Shelter, Queen Margaret's Grove and Thornhill Square were also hit with the loss of an additional 41 lives. Two-month-old Iris Grinham was one of the youngest to die in Islington in the war. She died this night in the Dame Alice Owen Shelter tragedy. In all 261 were killed in London that day, 149 in Islington, with 1,137 injured. Elsewhere in the country, 36 were killed and 160 injured. 19 enemy aircraft were destroyed, five probable. 10 were damaged. The Luftwaffe lost 13 aircraft this day.