Online Book of Remembrance

Welcome to our Islington eBook of Remembrance.

This commemorates over 13,000 men, women and children of Islington who died as a result of war here and abroad. Our records run from 1899, the beginning of the Boer War, to the 1950s. We have provided some biographical information so that you might learn more about them, such as with whom they served, where they lived  in the Borough and where they died.

We have used many primary sources to compile this eBook of Remembrance, but it is possible that you have more information, or photographs perhaps, that we could add. If so, please contact us using the link on the left. Also, if you wish to leave a tribute, follow the link on the page of the person you wish to remember.

This home page will refresh daily to remind us of the anniversaries of those, from the Borough, who died at home, in the air, on land and on sea.

On this day we remember

Anthony James Alger
Died 16 January 1942 age 5.
Rebecca Ball
Died 16 January 1941 age 64.
William John Dobson
Died 16 January 1942 age 28.
Service: Army
Stanley William Piner
Died 16 January 1944 age 24.
Service: Air
Cyril Dalton Pooley
Died 16 January 1942 age 33.
Service: Army
Alfred George Shine
Died 16 January 1918 age not known.
Service: Army
Charles Thomas Wade
Died 16 January 1918 age not known.